About SHC

Soul Harvest opened its doors on June 2, 2002 in a hotel conference room. Pastor Matt & Andrea started the church by faith with no financial support, building, or people to rely on. For the first two years the attendance was less than 5 people. Becoming very discouraged, Pastor Matt and Andrea were tempted to quit. In a last ditch effort they had an all-night prayer meeting in their home. Within a few minutes, they felt God speak these words to their heart: “Now you have seen what you can do. Now you are going to see what I can do!”

The church began to turn around within a year. They were given a building in a remote setting surrounded by cornfields. People began to show up, although they had a hard time finding it! The attendance did not skyrocket by any means. The 3rd year of the church the average attendance was 8-12 people. The 4th year the church averaged 15-25 people.

The church began to add ministries by faith… First came children’s ministry. Then came a nursery and toddler ministry. The kids began to show up! The church hosted its first Fallfest in 2006 and almost 200 people showed up that night! As the church continued to grow, it added teen ministry, converted to a live praise & worship format, and now even utilizes ushers to help people find parking spaces and seats in the sanctuary!

Each year that has gone by the church has picked up momentum. Soul Harvest Church now has 500 members and is continuing to seek new ways to reach our community with the love and life of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to continue to grow while still maintaining a family atmosphere.

Meet the Pastor

At the end of each service, Pastor Matt will be at the main exit door to greet and love on the congregation. Please stop by to say hi!

We have fellowship opportunities throughout the year. These fellowships will allow you to meet Pastor Matt, Andrea, the church staff, and other members of SHC. This is an opportunity for you and your family to get to know the staff, ask any questions you may have, and get to share your background, heart, and needs if you desire. These times are very special and can help you feel much more at home. Check our church calendar for upcoming fellowships, and RSVP by contacting the church office.