What We Believe

Our vision at SHC is to bring new life to the sinner and new life to the saint.  To be a Christian family church reaching the world that cost the blood of Jesus.

To train people in God’s Word.  We believe that God is good, His Word is absolutely true, and It works in YOUR LIFE!   We preach an uncompromised message from the Bible that is understandable & relevant to daily life. Real life can be messy and have problems, but we believe that God is a miracle working God.

Family and marriage ministry. No matter what your family situation, we believe God can make it better.  We believe strongly in children’s and youth ministries and much of our programming is geared for children & teens.  We regularly teach God’s principles for marriage and a successful home life.  Dozens of marriages have been saved and families restored by the ministry received at SHC!

Purpose.  We believe that everyone has a purpose in life.  We are committed to helping you find yours, train you in it, and give you an opportunity to flourish.

Evangelism and world missions. We believe we are called to reach the world from west-central Indiana.  We actively support missionaries throughout the world, and offer mission opportunities.

Holier Than Thou.  At Soul Harvest, we treat everyone the same—with love.  Not perfect?  That’s ok, neither are we. We believe that God loves you, but loves you too much to leave you that way.

Money Hungry.  Many people stay away from church because they think that all churches “just want my money”.  At Soul Harvest Church, we are committed to being very balanced in our approach to money.  We will never use hype or emotionalism to take an offering.  Most services we do not pass an offering plate, but rather allow members to give at the door on their way in or out.

A Dress Parade.  People come to worship God and learn the Bible, not show off a $400 suit.  Some dress up, some wear jeans, it’s up to you.

Extremists.   We take the Bible very seriously and we stand for what we believe in.  However, we do not advocate or practice any act of violence in the name of religion. We don’t condemn in utilizing doctors and medicine.  We don’t handle snakes or drink “Kool-Aid ©”. We are everyday people serving Jesus Christ in a balanced way.

Compromisers.  We will not compromise the Bible.  We do not adhere to the new age philosophy that all gods lead to heaven.  We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, was born of a virgin, died on the cross, and rose from the dead on the third day.  We believe that there is no other way to heaven other than accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.

Jesus Sensitive:  Today many churches call themselves “seeker sensitive.”  This term describes churches who believe that people will be scared off by the straight forward presentation of the truth of God’s Word.  While we do believe that truth should be presented in love and compassion, that does not mean we water down the Gospel.  Soul Harvest Church is a “Jesus sensitive” church; we seek to please Christ in all we do.

Spirit Filled:  The Bible teaches us that God has sent His Spirit to endue us with power, spiritual gifts, and wisdom.  We believe that the Holy Spirit is active today in the lives of believers and desires to work supernaturally to bring about gifting and the full potential of all those who are willing to submit to His leading.  While we believe in all the gifts of the Holy Spirit we are careful to seek a balanced view that places an authentic experience with God above mere emotionalism.

Relationships: Soul Harvest Church is a place where people can find more than other “church goers”, they can find friends. We regularly encourage fellowship amongst the people of Soul Harvest Church. We believe that God brings encouragement and strength to us through each other.

Every Christian is a minister:  At Soul Harvest Church we uphold the value of each individual believer. We seek to find out where God desires to use each persons gift and do all we can to get them ready to fulfill their ministry.

Holiness: The Bible calls us to be a holy people. This doesn’t refer to the way we dress or the length of our hair.  It does apply to the condition of our heart.  Holiness is a heart set aside to love God and to seek to obey Him in our lifestyle and personal choices.  We are a people who seek to please God by the way we live and conduct ourselves in the world.

Fun:  In our services we enjoy laughing and good-natured fun. We don’t believe Church should be a stuffy, always serious event.  God has given us much to rejoice about.

Welcoming: Everyone is welcome at Soul Harvest Church.  Life can be hard and unfair, and the result is broken people.  Some are broken by sin and poor life choices.  Others are broken by abuse, divorce, or other painful events.  What they all have in common is a need to be loved and accepted. Jesus accepts us how we are, but loves us too much to leave us that way. We encourage people to repent of sin, but at the same time bind up the broken hearted, and do our best to teach them how to overcome and turn their lives around.  We have many examples of once broken people that Jesus has forgiven and restored.

Biblical Foundation: We uphold the Bible as absolute truth.  It is the foundation of all we do and believe.  While we desire to always act in love and compassion, we do believe that Scripture gives us clear teaching on some of the controversial moral issues of the day, such as: homosexuality, abortion, sex outside of marriage, and other issues that our world is grappling with. We take a loving, but strong stand on these issues.