Get Involved

Soul Harvest Church Is a Place to Get Involved!

Soul Harvest Church is committed to world-class ministry to our congregation, our community, and to the nations.  We believe God has given every believer a unique set of gifts and a purpose for their life.  Our goal is to help each person in our congregation discover their unique purpose and become properly equipped to fulfill their God-given destiny.

There are many opportunities to serve within Soul Harvest Church.  However, we stress very highly that we want our members to serve cheerfully and not out of “religious obligation”.  We have seen far too many of God’s people in our society get “burnt out” in the name of Christianity.

We also encourage our members to be involved in the community.  They can be part of a sports program, help with a community project, volunteer at a nursing home, or even participate in a fundraiser for cancer research.  Soul Harvest Church is committed to going beyond our four walls and taking the life and love of Jesus Christ to our community.

As our ministry continues to grow, we actively seek to utilize the gifts and strengths of our congregation members in a way that brings life and joy to everyone involved.  We hope you can be a part of our team!